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It’s here…Walkathon 2020

Today begins a very important fun and healthy way to raise money for students of

Meadowbrook Elementary School!

We’re raising money to fund enhanced programs and events such as pizza day, assemblies, enrichment programs, and district wide needs.

We want to promote a healthy lifestyle to our students and the community.  Please help us reach our fundraising goal by supporting our Walkathon. We have teamed up with Get Movin’© to make this event fun and profitable with online mobile friendly technology! 

We Need All Parents to Complete 3 Easy Steps!

 Register your Child by visiting getmovinfundhub.com It's free, easy, and fast to register! For School Identifier use 5d6fb3a3e228c

  1. Email and/ or Text your child's student fundraising webpage with 10-15 friends and family. It’s super easy!
  2. Post on Facebook or Twitter It's two clicks of a button to post. The average parent has 300 FB friends. You'll be surprised when donations come in from distant relatives/friends from HS/co-workers. Post and see what happens!

 Student Goals!

  • We need 100% student registration please visit getmovinfundhub.com today!
  • Each student is encouraged to raise $75.00
  • Be an Overachiever Superstar by raising $150.00

 Our TOTAL SCHOOL GOAL is $15,000


 Event details: 

  • Register your Child today using School Identifier 5d6fb3a3e228c
  • Event Date: Students will be completing the Walkathon during their gym class the week of 11/16. We encourage all remote learners to participate at home!
  • Final Donation due date: 11/27/2020 11:59 PM
  • We prefer online donations through your child’s webpage
    • Due to Covid we will not be accepting cash or checks this year.

 Reward Incentives  

View your child’s donation total on their Student Fundraising Webpage.

Individual Goal Rewards

All students are encouraged to reach their individual donation goal of $75.00.


  • Register at thegetmovincrew.com
  • Students that raise $75 or more will earn a $5 Amazon Gift Card
  • Students that raise $150 or more will earn a $5 Amazon Gift Card
  • Students that raise $300 or more will earn a $5 Amazon Gift Card
  • Students that raise $500 or more will earn a $5 Amazon Gift Card 
  • Students that raise $1000 or more will earn a $5 Amazon Gift Card

All rewards will be distributed after the close of the donation period.

Classroom Team Rewards

When your child’s entire classroom works as a team and reaches their classroom goal, the entire class will receive a Pajama Party!

Please note that classroom goals are based on the number of students in that particular class with the hope that each child will raise at least $75. 

 Total School Pledge Rewards

When the whole school works together as a team everyone WINS!

If Meadowbrook reaches our school goal of $15,000, we will earn a day with an extra recess period.

 BEST OF ALL! – Mr. Bell will DYE HIS BEARD!