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since 02/23/2017


The VIRTUAL MEADOWBROOK BOOK FAIR runs from Monday 10/26 until Sunday 11/8

You can shop at www.scholastic.com/fair. Search for Meadowbrook and make sure you select our location so our school benefits from the sale. There is a wide range of books to choose from. Anything on site is included in the fair.

  • All orders will ship to home. There is free shipping on *book only* orders over $25.
  • The school will earn 25% in rewards on all purchases made during the fair.

Here is the google doc with the teacher wishlists. 


If you order a book for your child's teacher please note it on the google doc so they don't get multiples. The book(s) will be shipped to your home along with your order and you can send it into school upon delivery. We will get labels so the teachers can place the label inside the book noting that the book was donated by your child/your family.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions:  

Ellen Cataldo (ellen.driscoll1@gmail.com) or Stacey Eliav (saeliav@gmail.com).